SH series→ SL series→ GEL series→ SF series→ UXL series→
  SH seires(for high rate discharge application)
SH series are specially designed for high rate discharge requirements, compared with the conventional models, it give 25% more wattage for a short duration of discharge. Designed service life is 5 years.
  SL series are specially designes for solar energy system, it adapts to outsde work, battery can keep steady characteristic in lower and higer temperature circustom.   GEL series(colloid battery)
GEL series are colloid battery, it is designed to longer life requirement, and it gives 10 years life performance.
   SF series(long and narrow shell design)
SF series are designed to meet the future needs of the Tele-commnuications industry for mobile, wired access transmission, switching, integrated power applicatin etc. Designed service life is 5 years.
  Suneom "UXL" batteries designed service life is 15 years which are specifically designed in to meet the growing demand for power supply of communication, various emergency power requirements and many other applications to serve the rapid development of electronic devices.
“The manufacture obtains the product which in the implementation the customer trusts; Provides obtains the customer satisfactory service” under quality policy premise, is engaged in the fair enterprise activity, establishes the self-characteristic the enterprise culture, is more harmonious for the creation, the environmental protection society, undertakes the related responsibility
1. Insisting that take the product innovation as the forerunner, carries on the optimization to the product mix, forms other characteristic the product line, guides the market expense.
2. Insisting “take the quality as the book” the policy, the adjustment quality control organizational structure, raises the overall quality level. 
3. The comprehensive promoted brand, assists the dealer to implement the name brand strategy positively, the expanded company affects, enhances the produce market competitive power.
4. Carries out person this management, constructs a simplification, the highly effective staff troop, improves the enterprise culture quality
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