Foshan Shunde Xinneng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. It was founded by several people who have more than ten years' experience in the production and sales of VRLA batteries. With the concept of making some practical and achievements in the field of battery manufacturing, the company left Tangqian, Guangdong.    Up to now, the company has its own unique technology and is one of the professional manufacturers with R & D and production capacity in China. Relying on its own technical advantages and pursuit of quality and performance, the company has obtained UL (mh10046), CE, ISO9001 (2000) and Theil certification.    Every progress and success is inseparable from the trust and support of customers. Please visit our website www.suneom.com By email or by calling our service hotline at + 86-757-28375288, our enthusiastic professionals are looking forward to your visit.
SHseries→ SLseries→ GELseries→ SFseries→ UXL series→
  SH series (high rate discharge application)
  The SH series is converted to high rate discharge design, which can output 25% more power than ordinary battery in a short time, and its design life is 5 years
  SL series (long life application)
 SL series is specially designed for solar energy system. It is suitable for outdoor use and can maintain stable performance under high and low temperature conditions.
  Gel series (gel battery)
Gel is a colloidal long-life series with a design life of 10 years.
   SF series (narrow and long design)
SF series is of narrow and long design, with a design life of 5-7 years
  Suneom UXL series batteries are valve regulated sealed lead-acid batteries with a design life of 15 years. New energy UXL series batteries are specially designed for the growing demand of communication power supply, various emergency power supply and increasing electronic devices.
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